Blk 130B Canberra Street


Duration: 7 Weeks

Theme: Homes Of Contemporary

“Designing in black with wood can offer a simple, contemporary solution. These two interiors, both using black show how to use materials to their highest
functionality. Drench your surfaces in texture, creating a classy finish. Make shapes with mirrors, rugs, and chairs, letting individualism shine in your living
space. These two well-designed finds show how to make the most of simple color schemes.
Natural light abundantly fills these homes, bringing with it serene views and colors of nature. What could be a better way to light up your home?

Scope of Works Carried Out:
• Masonry Works (Living, Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms)
• Plumbing Works (Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms)
• Designed False Ceiling & Partition Works (Master Bedroom)
• Vinyl Flooring (3 Bedrooms)
• Carpentry Works (Whole Unit)
• Quartz Worktop (Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms)
• Aluminium Window & Grilles Works (Whole Unit)
• Electrical Works (Whole Unit)
• Glass Works (Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms)
• Painting Works (Whole Unit)
• Chemical Washing & General Cleaning
• Uni-Arm (Living Main Door)

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